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Electronic welcome doorbell

Electronic welcome doorbell

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1. One file "Dingdong~~Dingdong". A first welcome speech: Chinese. "Ding Dong~~Hello, welcome!" English. "Ding Dong~~Hello~welcome!"

2. Light sensing detection, high sensitivity.

3. Adopt chip integrated circuit, consume electrode micro
Multi-function: One machine can be used as an anti-theft device and a welcome device
Seiko design, fashionable style, easy to use, loud sound
Easy to install: No need to perforate the wiring, eliminating the troublesome expenditure of line laying, and does not affect the appearance of the decoration.

【Technical Index】:
Appearance: 10*6.5*3cm
Detection distance: 0-7 meters
Working voltage: three external DC9V or 7#AAA batteries.
Quiescent current: less than 0.5mA.
Dynamic current: 180mA.

【Product Usage】:
1. Use in shopping malls and stores: various shopping malls, supermarkets, individual boutiques, photo studios, eyewear stores, toy stores and other storefronts. Place such a welcoming device at the door, customers will welcome you at the door, not only polite, give The sense of respect, the enthusiasm for taking the initiative to say hello, and giving people a strong sense of curiosity and fun, also makes customers feel the enthusiasm of the owner, there is a sense of attention, and instantly relaxed the atmosphere. Beautiful shape, 100% performance, standard female voice.

2. The home or office is used as an induction doorbell. As long as the guests come in, they will greet you actively and lively and interesting.

3. Anti-theft use. When a thief steals a store or a room, he hears the genuine female voice of "Hello, welcome" at the door, and the timid thief immediately pulls his leg and runs


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